CCC MyPath

Student Portal SampleThe CCC MyPath Student Services Portal (SSP) is an important part of the planned suite of student-facing tools. It is designed to aid students during the matriculation process and beyond.

How It Works, Who It Benefits

The SSP aids students by:

  • Acting as a hub for important tools. The portal will serve as the jumping-off point for various important student functions, and will collect them in a central location so the student always knows where to find them. CCCApply, the Common Assessment, and the Starfish Early Alert system are just a few of the important tools that students can launch from the SSP.


  • Facilitating communication between institutions and students. Communication with students is important, especially during the matriculation process as there are questions and deadlines that the student may not know about. The SSP has a robust communications service that can interact with student accounts via user notifications, email, and (optionally for the students) SMS text messages during periods of critical importance and beyond.


  • Providing access to content, when that content is relevant. The SSP will collect resources on a number of student-centric topics, ranging from universal items like financial aid and transfer requirements, to student-specific topics like child care and veterans' services. Access to these resources will be hosted within the portal. The portal user experience is crafted to prescribe student actions via “checklists.” When combined with a workflow engine that is capable of recognizing what is important to any given student based on self-volunteered information, the SSP user experience will tailor itself to individual students and recommend information and resources to the students who most need them.

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For more information on the Student Services Portal and other EPI offerings, please view our Webinars page.

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