Course Identification Numbering System

The California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office Common ID (C-ID) system is a statewide application used by Articulation Officers (AO) at California's community colleges as well as 4-year-colleges to submit courses and link them to predefined descriptors. This allows for a common identifier to be referenced when a student wishes to transfer to another community college or 4-year college.

Capitalizing on current technology, the C-ID is being constructed on the Bonitasoft BPM platform. Screens and workflows will seem familiar, but under “the hood” the user will find a more flexible solution, with workflows that will be more easily updated as needs arise.

Referenced as the “Minimal Value Product” (MVP), the basic system when C-ID 1.0 cuts over to the new C-ID 2.0 will include similar workflows as used today. However, there are some exciting workflow changes coming out of the box that the AOs and reviewers will find very helpful as we capitalize the use of this new technology. These include:

  • Similar input screens used today for a familiar experience at cutover
  • Automated workflows for articulation submissions with links to other courses including, “honors", “Same-As”, and “Multiple College District"
  • An integrated/automated solution between the C-ID 2.0 and ASSIST Next Generation Systems

Please note: C-ID Descriptor and TMC workflow development will continue post cutover on the current C-ID 1.0 until the new workflow is implemented on C-ID 2.0.

Following the C-ID cutover are additional exciting improvements to increase the overall quality of C-ID products. Several highly anticipated changes to expect include:

  • An Appeals workflow
  • A Descriptor Development workflow
  • A TMC development workflow
  • An Improved Reporting capability

These are just some of the enhancements that will be scheduled post cutover. Please keep in mind that improvements will be ongoing, and we welcome and encourage C-ID users to share ideas with their C-ID Academic Senate representative. Together we can work to improve the overall C-ID solution.