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Starfish Suite Information

Visit the following pages and videos to see how other colleges are educating their students, faculty and counselors about using Starfish.

Ohlone College (Phase II EPI college) has this recently produced student-facing video to share.

Sierra College (the first Starfish college in California, prior to the EPI) produced this campus training video. Sierra College also points its student community to the Starfish YouTube library.

Los Medanos College (EPI pilot college) utilizes the Starfish YouTube library under Resources & Training Materials.

San Bernardino Valley College (EPI pilot college) web page displays Hobsons YouTube for instructional faculty; for students; and for counseling/student support.

Crafton Hills College (EPI pilot college)  offers unique web page instructions.

El Camino College (EPI pilot college) created this student-facing web page.

Northeast WI Technical College has a fun spin on their student-oriented video, “What is Starfish?”. Here's NWTC's college Starfish training site.


Hobsons Resources

Following are some videos and marketing resources provided by Hobsons.

Five Minutes to Learn About Faculty Features in Starfish

Five Minutes to Learn About Starfish Early Alert

Starfish Two Minute Tips, including:

  • How To Create Office Hours
  • Respond To a Progress Survey
  • Close the Loop
  • Update Your Profile
  • Alert and Referral Notifications
  • Appointment Notifications


In the Starfish Client Marketing Kit (PDF), you will find questionnaires, surveys, and other college client resources for your use. From the Starfish Implementation Resource Center, navigate to “End User Rollout,” and then choose “Engaging the Institution.”