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EPI Pilot College Steering Committee (EPTDAS)

The Education Planning Initiative (EPI) Pilot Consortium (Pilot Consortium) is a committee established by the California Community Colleges Chancellors Office (CCCCO). The Pilot Consortium is comprised of colleges that are committed to participate in the initial implementation of the EPI.

The purpose of the Pilot Consortium is to identify and recommend to the EPI Executive Director the operational processes and technical standards necessary to facilitate the goals and objectives of the Education Planning Initiative grant. In addition, the Pilot Consortium will collaborate with the CCCCO, EPI Steering Committee, and the EPI management team to define the functionality of Education Planning and Degree Audit Systems including a Student Services Portal. The EPI Ecosystem is intended to ultimately provide a rich set of Education Planning and Degree Audit tools that meet the unique needs of all CCC students, faculty, staff, and colleges.

The Pilot Consortium will provide structure and guidance for:

  • The development of a rich set of Education Planning and Degree Audit tools
  • The development of a Student Services Portal and included Portlets
  • Facilitation of robust professional development, and support
  • Increasing the use of sophisticated technologies to support online counseling and education planning
  • The streamlining of the student service delivery, orientation, and enrollment process

EPTDAS Documents

Represented Colleges