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CCC MyPath

Student Portal SampleThe CCC MyPath Student Services Portal (SSP) is an important part of the EPI's suite of student-facing tools. It is designed to aid students during the matriculation process and beyond.


How It Works, Who It Benefits

CCC MyPath brings together a variety of technologies to improve the student experience, from enrollment to outcome.

By presenting a student's journey as a literal pathway, the user-friendly tool allows for easy tracking of communications, deadlines, and degree progress. It also serves as a hub for a variety of CCC Technology Center solutions, such as CCC Apply, Career Coach, Degree Planner, and the Starfish Early Alert system.

Inspired by a need for better communications and simpler processes, CCC MyPath serves students by presenting complex information in an efficient and engaging way. The versatile tool employs smart technology to provide custom content based on the user's specific needs.


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