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CCC MyPath: MyPath. Your College.

CCC MyPath is a central hub for important student tools and resources that promote student success. MyPath also makes it easy for colleges to learn about and communicate with their students.

Example of accessing MyPath via the Santa Rosa Junior College website.

1 - Accessing your college’s MyPath portal is easy and can be accessed through your college’s existing website.

Example of MyPath linked via the Santa Rosa Junior College application page.

2 - In this example, Santa Rosa Junior College students are linked to the portal through their application page.

OpenCCC signup page.

3 - Students can quickly sign up for or use an existing OpenCCC account to access the MyPath portal as well as other OpenCCC-enabled tools.

MyPath customized for a personal student experience.

4 - Activities such as exploring career interests and class registration are tracked through the MyPath portal, creating an individualized profile for each student. Colleges can identify and customize each step along the student path.

In addition, CCC MyPath has the following benefits and features:

  • Students have access to tools and resources specific to your college including information about financial aid and careers.
  • Make sure your students know about important deadlines for financial aid and admissions.
  • Customize your MyPath portal to match your college’s brand and messaging.
  • MyPath is free for all 114 colleges.

Contact us today to integrate CCC MyPath at your college.

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