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Project Plan

StraightLine graphic Our approach to this project plan is based on the experience, vision, and synergy of operating the EPI program with the CCC Technology Center under a unified management structure which allows for a broader, team-centered approach to ensure the success of the program.

A summary of project objectives is listed below. View the Project Overview timeline chart below.


Collaborative and inclusive governance has been established so that stakeholders across the California Community Colleges have ownership in the EPI program.  Steering Committees have been generated for EPI, Student Services Portal, and Education Planning Tool-Degree Audit System.  Existing governance committees such as the Statewide Architecture Committee (SAC), CCC Security Center, and the Telecommunications Technology Advisory Committee (TTAC) are also closely involved.

Procure Systems Using RFP

Working with governance we will proceed through a comprehensive RFP and development process to procure systemwide Education Planning, Counseling, and Degree Audit Systems.

Establish Support Systems & Processes

Support systems and processes will then be put in place for sustainable operations and systems to best inform stakeholders, aiding and educating the public, students and staff.

Collaborative Support Data

The program incorporates C-ID, ASSIST, eTranscript California, and the Curriculum Inventory projects to provide real-time data for systemwide Education Planning and Degree Audit. New solutions will be integrated with existing college based systems.

Expand eTranscript California System

We propose to expand the eTranscript California system through a coordinated approach involving centralized funding, mini-grants to further implementation of the California eTranscript Standard, and development to include the adoption of the PESC EdExchange open source web services network.

Implement Systemwide Student Portal

We will deliver a systemwide portal for student services and education planning that customizes information and activities for each student’s needs and for each college. The Portal will proactively follow up with students through completion of activities to help keep their matriculation on track.  

Provide Professional Development Services

For all projects we will support college-based professional development services and provide a full-time project manager to coordinate overall professional development activities.

Program Evaluation & Dissemination

We are working with the RP Group for independent program evaluation services to establish baseline metrics and ongoing studies. RP Group will help to disseminate findings through systemwide channels.

Project Plan Overview

This chart provides an overview of the Education Planning Initiative project plan through June 2018.  For a downloadable PDF CLICK HERE.

For a summary of prior Objectives, Activities, Performance Outcomes, Activity Timelines, and Responsible Persons, as well as Evaluation Methods, please review the 2016-2017 Education Planning Initiative Work Plans.

College District Product Implementation Overview

Pardon our dust but, updates are coming very soon!