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Group Putting Puzzle Pieces TogetherThe Education Planning Initiative has a clear focus on stakeholder involvement, and there are multiple opportunities to participate.

EPI Advisory Committee

The EPI Advisory Committee (EPIAC) will work closely with the Online Education Initiative governance body to ensure integration of services.

Governance documents

The Education Planning Initiative steering committees (including EPIAC, CCC MyPath Work Group, EPTDAS, COCIAC, eTranscripts SC, and CCCApply SC) include representatives from each of the following:

    • Faculty, including: General Counselor, Chancellor’s Office Advisory Group on Counseling Liaison, Counselor, Transfer Center Director, Counselor for Special Populations: Noncredit, Vets, Athletes, Foster Youth, Articulation Officer
    • Student Success and Matriculation Professionals Association President
    • Student Success Strategic Planning Advisory Committee Liaison
    • Advisors
    • Financial Aid
    • Chief Student Services Officers
    • Student Services Deans, who have experience with Noncredit, Veterans, Athletes, and/or Foster Youth
    • Chief Information Systems Officers
    • Chief Instructional Officers
    • Admissions and Records
    • Chief Executive Officers
    • Categorical Program Directors with responsibility for EOPS/CARE, CalWORKs, DSPS
    • Researchers
    • Students
    • Staff
    • Education Planning Initiative Project Director
    • CCC Chancellor's Office
    • Student Services
    • Technology




EPI Advisory Committee Red
Starfish Participating Colleges Blue
CCC MyPath Participating Colleges Goldenrod
 *Some colleges participate in more than one group, for full details please click on the square icon in the maps upper left corner