Chancellors Office Curriculum Inventory Advisory Committee

The Chancellor’s Office Curriculum Inventory (COCI) Advisory Committee is a committee established by the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO). 

The purpose of the committee is to advise the CCCCO and Grantee on the development and deployment of the new COCI application.

The Committee shall:

  • Review progress and provide input on program planning.
  • Provide recommendations to the Grantee and CCCCO on program activities and software development.
  • Solicit input from respective constituent groups to inform the committee.
  • Communicate program status to the respective constituent groups and colleges.

Upon request of the CCCCO, the Academic Affairs (AA) Division and CCC Technology Center (CCCTC) combined efforts to discover the current COCI solution, referred to as CIV2, and develop a recommended solution to help improve processing timeliness. The effort started in March 2015 and was completed August 2015.

As part of the effort, the current CIV2 technical solution and the AA business workflows followed were analyzed with the purpose of making both Courses and Programs active. One finding identified was a need for a non-vendor-specific application to allow any vendor to build an automated data exchange solution. Working in tandem with the AA Subject Matter Expert, another finding identified was the need to automate the manual processes identified during discovery. After reviewing these findings with the CCCCO, the CCCTC recommended that the current CIV2 be rewritten as what was needed was a non-vendor-specific application with automation improvements working to decrease the AA review processing timeline.

The overall solution to implement a new and improved curriculum inventory system is well underway. The new COCI will be open to all vendors who wish to perform data exchanges directly from the local college curriculum inventory (CI) system. Data exchange criteria will be developed as the CCCTC, facilitated by the CCCCO AA Division, works with the local college CI vendors to build a new data exchange solution.

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